What Curtains Should You Consider with Your Sash Windows

Although curtains were used primarily to prevent the sunlight and unnecessary ventilation in the old days, their functionality in the modern world has changed dramatically. Today, the primary function of curtains is to make your interior look chic and elegant. Choosing the perfect curtain will allow you to create the interior of your dreams - influence the colour, design, and natural lighting of your interior. So, how do you go about choosing the right curtains that will go well with your sash windows and the rest of your interior? You’ll find out in this article!

What Curtains Should You Consider with Your Sash Windows

Every Room has Different Requirements: Where are You Trying to Install the Curtains?

Initially, you need to define what exactly you want the curtains for? The curtains you’ll use in your kitchen are obviously going to be different from the ones that you’re going to use for your living room. It is important to clearly think about and write down the purposes of the curtains before making your decision.

If you’re going to buy curtains for the kitchen, it is important for it to be easily cleanable, as the curtains will catch some grease over time. It is also important for the curtains to be heat-resilient. Most fires start from the kitchen, so it makes sense to try to buy curtains that will not catch fire easily.

On the other hand, if you are buying the curtains for your living room, you’ll clearly care about how it looks above all else - that’s why you’ll be best served by using your budget on curtains that look best. It is unlikely a fire accident will start in your living room, and you don’t need to worry about grease and dirt accumulating on the curtains regularly.

Choose the Type of the Curtain

There are multiple types of curtains, and each has its own appeal and is suitable for certain room designs. Here is an incomplete list of the most curtain types you’ll likely encounter when shopping around for curtains:

  • Classic curtains: these are two-part curtains that you can move independently from each other. It is arguably one of the oldest and most common curtain types used today. Its simplistic functioning method and its widespread availability make it a safe choice. You’ll know you’ll have reliable experience and a good looking room with classic curtains, but it is much harder to stand out.
  • Roll curtain: a type of curtain that’s popular in kitchens and offices, it is characterized by its almost complete blockade of sunlight and its durability. If you want something that just works, you can get roll curtains. Although, fair warning, roll curtains generally look very unappealing, and they’d probably destroy your living room’s appearance if you were to install it there.
  • Roman curtains: although similar to roll curtain, the crucial difference here is that Roman curtains are usually made of cloth instead of plastic. Although this detracts from the curtain’s durability, it also makes it more stylistic and visually appealing. If you’re on a low budget and want a minimalistic curtain design, this one's for you. Especially if you go with one of these sash windows in Twickenham, you’d want an elegant but simplistic curtain to complement it, and Roman curtains are the one!