Decorating smaller spaces

Each of us dreams of a big cosy house, but sometimes it remains only a dream and many people continue to live in small apartments and houses. In the UK, small houses, as they are now called home-boxes, become the norm. The decorating of the small spaces can be a complex, but interesting process. And it is always good to have on hand some practical advice that will help you avoid mistakes.

Choose light and simple colours for walls and floors

First of all, the colours should be light. In addition, the colour should be simple enough for mental perception. For example, gentle-lilac or light-pink are rather complex colours, which will distract a lot of attention. Therefore, for walls and floors in small rooms, it is better to choose shades of white, light grey and beige.

Refrain from using bright furniture shimmering shades. You should prefer natural colours. It can be dark brown cabinet furniture, but the textile elements should be lighter.

Limit the number of colours and drawings

Different prints and drawings are so nice to combine and mix with each other. But in a small living room, it's worth using them with care. The more you use different prints and colours, the more visual clutter you create. Remember the rule of three colours: select three shades and repeat them in different design elements.

Use simple forms

This rule applies not only to furniture but also to decoration items. If you want to hang a picture, a photo or a poster, then choose simple frames or do without them at all. This can be applied to the design of mirrors, and to any other objects of decoration.

Do not forget about the mirror

Another advantageous technique is the placement of mirrors. It can be a chandelier with mirror elements or furniture with reflective surfaces. The ideal is sliding-door wardrobe with a mirror door. Fitted furniture will not take up much space, solving the problem of placing things and household items.

Decor and extras that successfully complement the interior:
  • small pictures and photos posted on the walls;
  • carpet in the centre of the room, which opens a significant part of the floor along the perimeter of the walls, it is better to choose an oval or round carpet;
  • small elements of furniture, it would be more advisable to place a neat sofa and a pair of armchairs than a large corner sofa which will take the whole room;
  • a small chandelier should be placed in such a room.

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