We aim to ease any concerns our clients might have by providing them with as much advice and visual information as possible and including them in the development of the design process.


At Easy Spraying all of our employees have a true passion for furniture and furniture design. We have over x years of experience in that field and throughout these years we managed to accumulate vast experience, top quality equipment and most importantly - some of the most talented designers and manual workers in the whole UK and beyond. In simple words - we have everything it takes to make your house or office look absolutely fabulous and unique. Our approach to work, always takes into account the fact that every piece of furniture is as unique as its owner and we will always match the colour, style and finish to your personal preferen

Over the years we realised that what our clients need most is a one stop shop. Admittedly it is quite a bit more difficult to run the business this way but in return we get a huge satisfaction from making our clients happy and their homes looking beautiful. Apart from taking care of repainting a wide variety of furniture we have gathered specialists that will help you with cutting wood - based panels, visual merchandising, design, bespoke joinery, edge banding and many more! We have a great deal of experience working with both individual customer and companies. No matter how large or small the project is - you name it - we can do it!

Uniq Furniture Limited we are determined that all of our clients are 100% happy with our pieces. The flexibility of our design process means that most pieces can be customised to the client’s specifications. We understand that many people are wary of bespoke furniture because it can mean ordering without having seen a finished example of the piece beforehand